Board of Directors

Maytal Strul: Chair of the Board.

Kholoud Idris: Board Member. Former M-T Co-Director, Currently Director for Educational Programming for ACRI.

Yael Barda: Board Member. Attorney, human rights and social change activist. One of the original founders of M-T. Currently studying towards her PhD at Princeton.

Bayan Majadla: Board Member

Shaqued Morag: Board Member. Parliamentary assistant at the Knesset, former Mahapach-Taghir Community Coordinator.

Messi Aichek: Board Member. Coordinator of Youth Education at ACRI and anti-racism activitst.

Adi Beinhart: Audit Committee Member.

Naama Ayush: Audit Committee Member. Teacher and former Mahapach-Taghir Community Coordinator.



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