Our Supporters

We are grateful for the support of our donors which makes Mahapach-Taghir’s work towards equality and democracy possible. Your friendship helps us transform our vision into reality:

The New Israel Fund

The Dafna Fund

Signing Anew

Secours Catholique


The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

The Shocken Foundation

The Beverly Foundation

Judy Avisar

Local fundraising in our Mahapach-Taghir communities [including membership dues and fundraising events]

And for the the important partnership of:

PERACH Student Scholarship Program

Kiryat Yovel Communal Administration, Tamra Municipality

Yaffat AlNassera Municipality, JDC-Mishol Program, Kiryat Shmona Municipality, MGHAR Municipality

Tel Aviv University Student Union

Sapir College

Campus Community Partnership of Hebrew University

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