Student Activism

Mahapach Taghir pairs youth in need with scholarship college and university students who work as mentors and tutors in the Learning Communities. These “Academic Students” are an additional essential target group, and are a vital component in creating solidarity within the community and in promoting social change. As of today, some six-hundred children and their families, and some two-hundred students and volunteers participate in activities within the different communities.

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The unique model of the Learning Community provides children and youth with supplementary pedagogical tutoring while encouraging their parents and other adults in the community to be actively involved in the education of the future generation. University students take part in the Learning Community as tutors and overseers of social and educational activities, and act as agents of social change within the community and within Israeli civic society as a whole.

Mahapach-Taghir’s distinctive strategy binds together pedagogical and communal work through encouraging personal and communal initiatives that raise social awareness and enable community members and academic students to become agents of social change.

Together residents and Students build empowered communities, capable of demanding and achieving their rights to equal education opportunities and equal access to public resources and socio-economic rights. This process must include raising the socio-political awareness of the community, allowing it to grasp its situation in a wider socio-political context and, on this basis, to cooperate with other sectors and assume personal and communal responsibility.

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