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Year Opening “Happening” in Kiryat Shmona

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Approximately 30 children (some of them participants in Mahapach-Taghir’s Learning Community activities, and some of them brothers, sisters and friends of those participants) arrived at the Year Opening “Happening” in Kiryat Shmona Community. It took a place on Thursday, December 3rd, at the Meginim School. A large group of parents also came to the event and enjoyed both participating in … Continue reading

Regular Column in the Local Paper ‘News’ in Kiryat Shmona

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Two of our activist students in Kiryat Shmona conduct regular activities during the weekly ‘social hour’ class in the Branco Weiss High School. These activities encourage teenagers to become more involved in their surroundings, and have set as their goals to heighten awareness, increase teenage activism and bring about change within the community. As part of these activities, a journalism groups was established that writes a regular column in the … Continue reading