Maghar studyingIn July 2010, the Mahapach-Taghir established an additional Palestinian Learning Community in the town of Maghar. The town, situated in the north of Israel, is home to 19,800 residents – Muslims, Christians and Druze.  This town was chosen because of its dire educational and financial state and also because of the fragile social climate caused by tensions between the religious groups.

Today, the Maghar Learning Community is led by 35 students working with 68 children. These high numbers are indicative of the need in Maghar for extracurricular youth programming and access to educational scholarships. The center operates 2 days a week and focuses on the specific needs of the children; each student has close contact with the parents and teachers in order to personalize the tutoring as much as possible. There are also group activities which contribute to children’s social development.

mghar 3The Maghar community also actively promotes community service and volunteerism. In 2014 steering committee activists, community members and children volunteered together to clean and paint two pre-schools in a marginalized Druze and Christian neighborhood in town. Doing an act of service for someone across these religious boundaries in Maghar is a radical act in a place where violent tensions between the communities are recent and tensions are ongoing.

For more information or to get involved in Maghar community contact the Maghar Community Coordinator.

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