TamraTamra is located in the upper Galillee, approximately 5 kilometers north to Sh’faraam and 20 kilometers south east to Akre. Tamra is populated by 28,300 residents and it was declared a city in 1996. Many of the town’s residents are refugees who came from destroyed villages such as Ein Hood, Damoon and Ruis. Tamra’s Learning Community is situated in “Alzaharaa”, a relatively large, diverse neighborhood, which is home to veteran locals (pre-1948), refugees and Bedouins.

Tamra’s Learning Community consists 11  students and 10 volunteers  who work with 60 children twice a week through one-on-one and group activities. Students are giving educational support to children in topics such as Arabic, Hebrew, English and Math. Social skills and group work activities focus on issues such as self-confidence, self-image, Palestinian identity, acceptance of ‘the other’ and Jewish-Palestinian partnership. The students are in contact with the children’s parents and teachers, to follow their progress throughout the year.

Omar screening

Auditorium at the screening of the film Omar

An additional 20 volunteers join the students, steering committee and community coordinator to plan community engagement days. One recent example was a community sports day organized by volunteers, students and the oldest group of children from the Mahapach-Taghir community. The event was open to participants of all ages and was organized in collaboration with a local group home for girls with intellectual disabilities who also participated in running the activities. Around 100 children came to the event. The event was a fun celebration and also an example for those in attendance of the power of volunteer coordination and partnerships between local groups. The student activists also planned a screening of the film Omar for the community, and 450 were in attendance!

Tamra’s Steering Committee is composed of 6 women who have been regularly active in the community. Tamra has recently initiated the Second Opportunity program that helps women return to higher education.

During the activity year, Steering Committee members, students and children organize 5 community action days which are open to the entire community.

To get involved in the Tamra Learning Community, contact the Tamra Community Coordinator.

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