Yad Eliyahu

yad eliyahu
Yad Eliyahu is Mahapach-Taghir’s newest community, located in the  region east of the Central Bus Station in South Tel Aviv. The neighborhood is home to a diverse population with a strong Mizrahi Jewish presence. Mahapach-Taghir launched a learning center in Yad Eliyahu in October 2013, finding immediate, strong interest in our services and organizing opportunities. Around 30 children from the neighborhood come consistently on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to receive homework help and engage in activities at the learning center. Eight students from Tel Aviv University and elsewhere tutor children in Hebrew, Mathematics, English, History and more, and host arts, sports and other creative educational activities.

תמונה 4Residents in the community have also shown significant interest in Mahapach-Taghir’s organizing opportunities. Women from the community have been taking an active role in planning Community Action Days and in working to improve the Learning Center. They are quickly becoming a part of Mahapach-Taghir’s national network and an important presence in Yad Eliyahu.

To get involved in the Yad Eliyahu community, contact the Yad Eliyahu Community Coordinator.


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