Staff Members

Staff Members

Fida Tabony-Nara | co-director

Born in Nazareth and grew up in the Arab Jewish town – Neveh Shalom. Holds a bachelor’s degree in social work and a master’s degree in gender studies from Bar Ilan University. She managed the unit for social change in the organization Women Against Violence between 2000 and 2013. A community organizer, student instructor, as well as engaged in guiding leadership groups and community organization groups. gives training courses on gender sensitive management in Israel and abroad. Led social struggles and community projects in various civil society organizations. Deals with social and feminist issues in the Arab society. From the initiators of the people’s committee in the city of Nazareth in order to combat violence and crime, which was established in 2019. From the founders of the feminist emergency headquarters during the corona crisis 2020.

Lital Ayalon | co-director

Moderator of dialogue and discourse groups for social change. She has a certificate in Group moderation, a master’s degree in conflict resolution and mediation, and a bachelor’s degree in sociology and literature from Tel Aviv University. She directed educational programs for intergroup meetings in a Jewish-Arab partnership. Guided and accompanied teachers’ professional training, educational teams, students, and teenagers in many civil society organizations on issues of equality, freedom of speech, racism, gender, public space, exclusion, inclusion, and more. Led team and internal-organizational processes. Member of the managing committee of the organization Ein Bustan (bilingual education). She strives and is a partner in building a discourse and new social public spaces in order to promote a society based on caring, responsibility, and partnership.

Herieh Qadan | Baka al-gharbiyye coordinator

Community coordinator in Baka Algabraya. Lives in Baka. self-employed, art instructor and facilitates hands-on workshops for women and students in the Challenge project. Married and a mother of five gorgeous children. A student at the Open University in the program “second chance”.

Layla Abu Bachar | Acre co-coordinator

Co-coordinator of the Hermon neighborhood community in Acre. A community worker for more than twenty years in the municipality of Acre and prior to that she worked for about a decade in the General Histadrut in the field of gender. Today, a mediator between Arab and Jewish communities in the mediation center in Acre. Member of the municipal women’s Council. Responsible for a community garden project, which enables communal, personal, and social empowerment, for a group of Arab women within the neighborhood and encourages volunteering and giving. Manages the extension of the municipality in the Hermon neighborhood, a mixed neighborhood of Arabs and Russians Jews.

Miriam Abramov | Acre co-coordinator

co-coordinator of the Hermon neighborhood community in Acre. Lives in Acre. a graduate of education and psychology. Active in the women’s Council in Acre and the Council of single-parent families. Loves hiking, nature, and photography.

Helweh Asakleh | Maghar coordinator

Maghar community coordinator since 2017. Resident of Maghar. Feminist and social activist since 1985. An optician by profession, but currently not working in the field.

Ya’ara Alef Dekel | Nof Hagalil coordinator

Nof Hagalil community coordinator. Mother of three children. Lives in Nof Hagalil as part of the urban Kibbutz “Misho’ol”. Holds a bachelor’s degree in literature and education as well as a teaching certificate in special education. A librarian in the elementary school “Atzmon” in Nof Hagalil, a partner in the leading group of the “The Bustan community” – a community of Jews and Arabs residents of the city that meets and creates a common culture for the people living in the city.

Olesya Gurfinkel | Shikuney Talpiyot coordinator

מתגוררת בשיכוני תלפיות. פעילה בשכונה, סטודנטית לשעבר במהפך, חברה במועצת הנשים, שותפה בהקמת קבוצת התושבות של מהפך, וב-2021 הפכה לרכזת הקהילה. נשואה ואימא לשני ילדים. בעלת תואר ראשון בפילולוגיה אנגלית ובעלת תעודת הוראה. עבדה בגנים, בבתי בספר ועם החינוך המיוחד, התנדבה במסגרות חינוכיות בלתי פורמליות. חובבת טיולים וטבע.

Souhad Awad | Tamara coordinator

Tamra community coordinator. Lives in Tamra and a mother to sweet Nadin Holds a master’s degree in Social Work, Works in the welfare department in Tamra, a young feminist activist woman in Tamra, as well as a poet.

Marva Raz | Yad Eliyahu coordinator

The coordinator of Yad Eliyahu neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv. Holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and in the proccess of obtaining a master’s degree in art therapy. Teaches in the preparatory course for design and art and accompanies students. Believes in activism and the possibility of changing reality. Active in the fields of art, mind and society.

Muna Arok | Yafat elNassera coordinator and co-coordinator of the national women’s committee and inter-community activities

The coordinator of the Yafat elNassera community (Yafia) for over eight years. An activist and volunteer in Mahapach-Taghir for over 15 years. A Bachelor’s degree student in Human Services Management. Mother to five daughters. Living in the Yafat elNassera community, a social activist, always strives to expand volunteering in the community while being active in the Mahapach-Taghir.

Dana Zarif | co-coordinator of the national women’s Council and inter-community activity

She co-directs the National Women’s Council of Mahapach-Taghir. Former coordinator of the Tel Aviv Community.  She lives in Tel Aviv, has a bachelor’s degree in social education and art integration and is in the proccess of finishing a master’s degree in community social work. Politically and socially involved, active with assault and rape casualties in various settings.

Adi Dagan | Resource Development Coordinator

An activist, has been working for about 15 years in organizations and movements for social change. Served as a spokeswoman for the women’s coalition for peace and as a communications consultant for organizations at the Agenda Center. In recent years, she has been working in the field of Resource Development.